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Hovah Seeds

Sowing Seeds

Gummi Bears Fundraisers

How To Start This Fundraiser:

Call us to order your Master Cases.

(we accept all major CREDIT CARDS, CHECK by phone, money orders, P.Os, or mailed checks)

Receive your Gummy Bears and run your fundraiser.

Delivery Time: 1 Week – Free Delivery

We have the best Gummy Bear Fundraiser available! A Gummy Bear Fundraiser is sure to be a success.

Here are some ways to make your Gummy Bear Fundraiser your most profitable ever.

Set a timeline.

It's important with any fundraiser, but also with a Gummy Bear Fundraiser to set a timeline and follow it. Plan to run the fundraiser for about 2 weeks.

Motivate your group.

The most important factor that separates successful groups from unsuccessful is participation. If your group members participate in your Gummy Bear Fundraiser - it will be successful. Before your fundraiser begins, gather your group members and discuss your Gummy Bear Fundraiser. Agree on how much money needs to be raised and why you are raising money with the Gummy Bear Fundraiser. Make your members responsible for contributing time and effort. You may want to have a competition between team members, classes, or groups during your Gummy Bear Fundraiser. The key is to encourage your members to continue to raise money for the whole two weeks of the fundraiser. Brainstorm with the group on ways or places that they think they can sell your Gummy Bears. If they don't think they can sell enough to friends and family - consider setting up stand at a local supermarket and having people who can't reach the goals sell there. Hover Seeds will be more then happy to help you set up and sale at outside events.

Publicize your Gummy Bear Fundraiser.

Generate some buzz about your Gummy Bear Fundraiser in your community. If you are the middle school, make sure the high school, the elementary school, all of the local businesses and people in town know where they can get their gummy bears. Let them know the Gummy Bear Fundraiser will be around for a limited time and that they should stock up. See if you can get your local newspaper to put in something about your Gummy Bear Fundraiser and where they can get in touch with someone to order their gummy bears. Gummy bears are very popular - let people know you are a source for them for this limited time and that they will be supporting your group by buying.

Another great way to make your Gummy Bear Fundraiser more profitable is to consider running it with another fundraiser simultaneously. If someone isn't excited about gummy bears, they might be interested in cookie dough, or making a small donation through one of our other popular fundraisers. You can check out more highly profitable fundraisers to consider in addition to your Gummy Bear Fundraiser.

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