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Coupon Refills

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Spinners® is the world's first RE-USABLE Fundraiser!



One of the best things about the Spinners® Fundraising Program is that once your fundraiser is completed you will be left with perfectly good Spinners® that you can use over and over for future fundraising events.


You simply need to refill your empty Spinners® with brand new coupons that have new expiration dates. We offer new coupon pads for as little as $5 per Spinner helping you earn a profit of *97.6% .


Simply choose an option below at the time of your order. If you plan on doing more fundraisers in the future we strongly suggest choosing option B or C for huge future savings.



Option Standard Program

When you initially purchase your Spinners® Fundraising games for our Standard low price of $25 each, all future refills can be purchased for only $10 per pad.


Option Spinners® Discount Club

Join our Spinners® Discount Club and save hundreds of dollars on future fundraisers. Simply purchase your Spinners® Fundraising games for $25 each and then pay a small membership fee of just $5 per game and you will be eligible to purchase coupon refills for only $5 each for the next 3 years! * Receive FREE Spinners to cover your cost of the Discount Club membership


Option Spinners® Discount Club Plus (Best Value)

This lifetime membership package is our best value. Join our Spinners® Discount Club Plus and save thousands of dollars on future fundraisers. Simply purchase your Spinners® Fundraising games for $25 each and then pay a small membership fee of just $7.50 per game and you will be eligible to purchase coupon refills for only $5 each for the lifetime of your product! * Receive FREE Spinners to cover your cost of the Discount Club Plus membership



* Each Spinner raises an average of $210. With our Spinners® Discount Club and Discount Club Plus, on your future fundraisers, a group of 30 members will raise an average of $6300 once all the coupon sheets have been given out. Your cost for the fundraiser will only be $150 or 97.6% PROFIT!


Click HERE to order today!


If you would like to customize your coupon sheets with local merchants click HERE


Custom Coupons

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (138)

Coupons Not In Your Area? No Problem!


You Can Now Customize Your Coupons With Our Easy Instructions Below:


It's as easy as:

You may double or triple up on any of the coupons on our Nationwide Sheet above.



To add local merchants please follow these 3 easy steps:


Bring the Local Merchant Agreement to the local merchant(s) of your choosing. Ask for the owner or manager of the store.


Explain who you are and why you are raising money. Show the merchant the form and product flyer and ask the him/her to help your organization by providing a coupon offer that can be substituted for one of the National Sponsor's coupon. (Since the local merchant is not charged for their participation and receives FREE advertising through your fundraiser, almost anyone you ask will be happy to give you a coupon offer).


Fill out the Local Merchant Agreement. When you call Spinners® Fundraising to place your order you will be asked to fax the merchant agreement and we will begin printing the coupon(s) for your fundraiser. You should have your Spinners® approximately one week later.


Cost: Only $50 Total (Not $50 per booklet) The cost for our custom coupon package is only $50 regardless of how many Spinners® you order or how many coupon changes you make. This is a one time printing setup charge and will be added to your total.


Example: with 30 booklets (30 booklets x $25 per booklet = $750.00) Custom coupon charge = $50 Total = $800 (this includes shipping and handling)

The $50 custom coupon charge must be paid at the time you place your order with a credit card or check by phone.


NOTE: You can combine our nationwide coupons with your own local coupons and you may double or triple any of our nationwide coupons. The cost for any combination is still only $50.00.


Custom Coupons will be printed in black ink on yellow paper.


The minimum order for custom coupons is 10 Spinners.


Click Here To Print A Local Merchant Agreement Form



No Money Up Front Policy For Fundraising Products

Posted on March 10, 2015 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (761)

ABC Fundraising realizes that many groups do not have sufficient funds to begin their fundraiser. In fact, this is the reason most groups are fundraising in the first place. This is why we have created a

"No Money Up Front" policy with 3 payment options.

All order-taker fundraisers are always FREE to start. The following policy is related to the Scratch Cards®, Spinners® and Discount cards.


*Option A: No Money Up Front via Check By Phone


ABC Fundraising has recently been approved to take check payments by phone or fax. In accordance with the rules of the United States Federal Government, ABC Fundraising will need to record the phone call while the check information is given.

ABC Fundraising can deposit your check 30 days from your delivery date.

If you prefer, you may choose to do a check by fax. We will provide the form to fill out and fax back.


*BONUS - If you would like Abc Fundraising® to cash the check at time of purchase you will receive a total of 15% Extra of the product you order (Free Scratch &Help® cards, Spinners® or ABC Fundraising® Cards)

Option B: No Money Up Front with a Purchase Order


Simply fax the purchase order to ABC Fundraising and we will send you a bill which will be due within 30 days from your delivery date. Our fax number is 1.888.246-2487.


*This method is used for public schools and government run organizations with an official purchase order system.


Option C: Financing with Any Major Credit Card


*BONUS: Receive a total of 20% extra of the product you order (Free Scratch & Help®, Spinners® or 15% for the ABC Fundraising® Discount Card!


You may choose to finance your fundraiser with any major credit card. ABC Fundraising will charge your card at the time of purchase, and you will simply pay your credit card bill when you receive your monthly credit card statement. This will give you plenty of time (in most cases, 30 days) to run your fundraiser before having to pay your bill from your credit card company.


*There is a 1 time mandatory up front administration fee of $20.00 for Option A. Ask your representative for details. ABC Fundraising will provide you with 1 free Scratch & Help Booklet worth $100 to offset this cost. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


All Spinners or Scratch & Help orders under 10 must be paid for up front with a credit card or a money order and custom coupon changes are $50 for either product. Orders under 10 do not qualify for any promotional offers or bonuses for paying with a credit card. For Scratch & Help orders of less than five, we do not allow for customizing of the coupons and we do not print the organization’s name on the front of the booklets. We do not print logos on the "mini" scratch cards which may be offered at a discount at the time of your order.


Certain Restrictions May Apply for Option A or Option B.


The cost of custom coupons for Scratch and Help ($30) or Spinners ($50) must be paid for up front.

You may return 10% of your Scratch & Help cards or Spinners within 30 days of delivery. Free booklets can not be returned for credit and must be returned along with the 10% of your original order.


For The Discount Card Fundraiser we require a $500 deposit up front for option A and option C. If choosing option C the balance is due before the cards are shipped and you will receive 15% extra cards plus 1 Free Spinner for every 50 cards ordered.

For Option A you will have 21 days from delivery of your cards to pay the balance and will receive 10% Free cards plus 1 free Spinner for every 100 cards ordered.

The $500 deposit we require will cover our hard costs for contacting all the merchants to complete and ship your cards which may take up to 4-6 weeks from the time we receive your merchant wish list.

You will be able to proof the card before it is shipped for any errors. We will also allow up to 3 changes to the discounts on the card if you provide new merchants for us to contact. If we are unable to get 3 other merchants to give discounts, the card will be shipped with the original offers.

Due to the custom nature of the discount card we will accept a maximum of 10% of the cards to be returned within 21 days of delivery. Free cards can't be returned for credit and must be returned along with the 10% of your original order.

We ask that you provide a minimum of 20 local merchants on your merchant wish list to contact so we can create the best possible card. We guarantee that all discounts provided on the card will be a higher value than offers that a merchant would typically provide in a newspaper advertisement.

If for any reason we are unable to provide a minimum of 10 offers for your card as described above you will receive a refund of your deposit. Thank You!